All licenses allow you to use the database forever. Pro licenses come with 12 months of included updates. Comprehensive databases come with 24 months of included updates.

Click on a price to buy:

Pro Comprehensive
US Zips $99 $199
US Cities $99 $199
US Counties $99 $199
Canada Cities $99 $199
World Cities $199 $499


What's the difference between Pro and Comprehensive databases?
For most products the Comprehensive version has more fields/columns. The exception to this rule is the World Cities Comprehensive database which has the same number of columns but many more rows. Go to a product page to learn more.

Can I use the database on more than one project?
Yes, you can use the database on any project that you or your organization owns or actively develops.

Can I redistribute the database publicly?
No, you can't publicly redistribute the database. You can share it internally or query it privately to power public-facing applications. Please see the license terms for more details.

What happens after my included updates and support expire?
You can renew your license to extend your updates/support. Renewal prices are $39/year for Pro databases and $79/year for Comprehensive databases, except for the World Cities database. Its Pro version can be renewed for $99/year and its Comprehensive version can be renewed for $199/year. Even if you don't renew you still retain the right to use the databases you have downloaded.

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